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What to give a cyclist? List of goods needed by a cyclist.

Cycling is not only a favorite pastime for teenagers and children, but also an opportunity for adults to save money, because they are quite convenient to get to work.

Currently, this vehicle is provided with many accessories and fixtures, without which it simply will not function properly. The price range here is quite extensive, so everyone will find what they need.

In the event that you are just planning to buy a bike, first of all, you need to decide on the desired functionality, and then choose the model you like.

In addition, you cannot do without such products as:

1. Dimensions and bicycle lights. The former are used to mark the cyclist on the road. With their help, it becomes well visible to motorists. The task of the lanterns is to illuminate the path.

2. Convenient backpacks and bags. They allow the traveler to store the most necessary things.

3. Mirrors. Constant wrap-arounds increase the chance of falling. This accessory helps to assess the situation that occurs behind the cyclist, thus avoiding traumatic situations.

4. Locks. It is thanks to them that the vehicle becomes a difficult prey for thieves. Code codes are considered the most convenient, since you do not need to carry keys with you. It is only important not to forget the established combination of numbers.

5. Signals. There are plenty of inattentive pedestrians, so this device will draw their attention to the situation on the road.

6. Pumps. Their main purpose is to inflate bicycle tires.

7. Children's bicycles that ensure maximum child safety. For absolute comfort, they are equipped with a high backrest, special handles, footrests and a padded seat.

8. Helmets. In the event of an emergency, avoid severe head injuries.

9. Footrests. Fix the bike upright.

There are also many different accessories that perform various functions. Whether to buy them or not is up to every cyclist.