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Mountain bikes for women features of choice

Going on a trip to the mountains or over rough terrain, the question may arise — should you take a mountain bike with you? The answer can be unambiguous. Of course, a mountain bike is one of the best ways to travel, but remember that the bike should be selected based on your body size.

Before buying, it is best to immediately choose the design of the bike that suits you best and on which your ride will be as comfortable as possible.

Unlike men's bicycles, women's bikes are generally lighter in weight and have a shorter fit for the arms and torso. If your physique is of an average standard, the choice of bike and design for you is almost endless. For example, the PRIDE XC-300 — an amateur-grade hardtail sees itself confidently on a variety of surfaces and has a pleasant red color. Otherwise, a special design and brand should be chosen.

For most women, the problem of choosing a bike, first of all, comes down to size. There are several sports companies that make special bicycles for especially small sizes, as well as bicycles adapted for tall or very short women.

You can find out more about the recommendations for buying a bicycle based on the problem of height and weight on the website of the bicycle company that interests you.


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