A bike tool that always comes in handy

Bicycle tools are mechanical devices designed to manipulate bicycle components and assemblies to achieve the desired result — high-quality and comfortable repair.

How to choose a bike repair tool? 

To choose a tool, you need to clearly understand the reason that causes inconvenience or leads to the inability to operate your vehicle. All problems are solvable. There is a dedicated tool for every repair. Some of its varieties can fix several problems at once.

Nothing is permanent, so you need to be proactive and prepare to solve problems before they arise: it is very important to have the necessary tools at hand even before they are needed. It is imperative to carry out routine inspections of the bike and periodically watch and check the performance of its elements. Our site contains the following sections of tools:
1. Board vanes with a wide selection of mounting plates.
2. Squeezes and strippers. This catalog contains all the tools that will help you remove the chain, cassette, ratchet, connecting rods, carriage, brake pads.
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