How to ride a bike safely?

A bicycle is the easiest and safest transport. It strengthens muscles, improves health, does not harm the environment and only brings pleasure.

For this, there are several rules that will help you get only positive emotions from the process.

1. First, analyze the selected road, whether you can drive along it, whether you can overcome large puddles, gullies. If not, find an easier way.

2. On an unfamiliar road, do not accelerate too fast, you do not know what lies ahead, so be careful and do not relax, get ready to brake at any moment.

3. When riding, the arms should be shoulder-width apart and parallel to each other. Hold them as if you were cutting bread. Otherwise, the hands and wrists will quickly get tired and sore.

4. The elbows should be slightly bent and relaxed. Do not lean on them, but sometimes change position. Otherwise, you will get tension in the lower back and flow of the whole body.

5. Prolonged rides impair blood circulation to prevent this — periodically get off the bike and roll it alongside.

6. Don't be lazy to get a helmet. There is always the risk of stumbling into a hole or a running animal.

7. Keep your neck as if it is an extension of your back, and do not bend, otherwise you risk disrupting blood circulation and getting a headache.

8. It is important to learn how to fall correctly. During the fall, group, as you reach the ground, do a few somersaults.

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