How do I clean my bike chain?

If you've allowed dirt and dust to take root on your bike, especially on the chain, here are some tips to get rid of them in less than an hour. Remember, however, that the bike should be cleaned after every use in bad weather or when riding in an area free from asphalt.

Scrape off the dirt.
The chain is the most important part of your bike and must be taken care of. Pour hot water into the bucket first. Add some dishwashing liquid to it and stir the water vigorously to spread the liquid and form a foam. Dip the brush in water and start cleaning the chain.

Degrease the chain.
After cleaning the chain, apply a degreaser to it and wait for it to flow. It will remove any residue and ash that you might not notice. Rotate the crank back and forth to allow the chain to rotate and to degrease the inner link and rollers. You can help him with a toothbrush. Then rinse thoroughly.

Wipe the chain.
Wipe the chain thoroughly with a soft cloth — the chain must be completely dry. Turn the handle as many times as you need.

Lubricate the chain.
Only apply oil to a clean, dry chain. Don't use too much. Also make sure the oil is not too thick. Lubricate the entire chain with oil, apply to the inner link. After you have applied the oil, wipe the chain with a cloth, rubbing it thoroughly into the chain.

Clear the space between the rear sprockets.
These are the places where dirt loves to settle. Block the wheel with a screwdriver to prevent it from turning. Use another screwdriver to remove the dirt between the gears. You will be surprised how much dirt is hiding there.

Clean the rear sprockets.
Using hot soapy water and a brush, thoroughly clean the gears. You can degrease the resistant discs first and then start cleaning again..

Wipe down the racks and the spaces between them with a rag.
Cleaning the rear sprockets is very important so that the chain runs smoothly over them. Once you've cleaned and rinsed them well, wipe with a dry cloth. This will not only dry the gears but also polish them. Place the cloth between the individual wheels and buff..

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