How to choose a children's bike?

Today we will talk about how to choose the right bike for a child aged 1.5 to 10 years. In order for a child to enjoy riding, fall in love with sports and an active lifestyle, the bike must be safe, with a comfortable fit in accordance with age and height.

1. To begin with, we define a bike for a boy or a girl (at this age, the main difference in models is only in colors), as well as with a bike brand and budget. Information on the best models can be found at numerous bike sales sites, sports shops, and specialized forums.

2. Now we determine the number of wheels. Bicycles are divided into two groups: two-wheeled (for children over 4 years old) and tricycles (for children under 4 years old). The latter are supplemented with a special long handle, thanks to which adults help the baby to roll. Two-wheeled bicycles for children up to 6 years old are additionally equipped with small removable side wheels to help maintain balance and have a foot brake, thanks to which the bicycle will stop wherever a small cyclist wants (it is just boring to turn the pedal back). The transmission for such children's models is single-speed. Two-wheeled bicycles for children from 6 years old and from 120 cm in height have 6-7 speed transmissions and hand brakes.

3. Choose the diameter of the wheels. It is proportional to the age and height of the child. When choosing, start from the table below.

4. We go to the store or showroom with the child so that he can sit on the chosen model. Pay attention to whether the legs reach the pedals, whether it is comfortable for him to sit, whether his back is straining. Adjust seat and handlebar lift.

If the bike is chosen correctly, then the child's legs will be relaxed and almost straight at the bottom point of pedaling, while at the top point they will not touch the steering wheel, the foot will completely rest on the pedal, and the steering wheel will easily turn from the extreme right to the extreme left position.

Children's bike selection table for height and age



     Wheel diameter

1,5 — 3 years

      80 — 100 см

     10 inches

2 — 4 years

      85 — 115 см

     12 inches

3 — 5 years

      90 — 110 см

     14 inches

3,5 — 6 years

      95 — 115 см

     16 inches

4 — 6 years

     110 — 120 см

     18 inches

6 — 9 years

     110 — 135 см

     20 inches


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