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How to choose a bottle cage and bottle holder?

Bottle cage — a device for holding a drinking flask, allowing you to quickly remove and put it back.

How to choose a bottle cage?

A bottle cage is something that will keep more than one generation of flasks on your bike, so you need to choose it with the expectation of long-term use. If you are a thrifty owner of a metal frame, then you better get a simple plastic mount. This will save you from early corrosion of the steel due to corona formation.

If you need lightness and practicality, then take an aluminum mount — it is unpretentious and durable. If you are a light extreme lover, then choose a carbon mount for your bike. It will withstand all the whims of your hectic life. Also, don't forget about convenience. To do this, there are different mounts for flasks — from the usual on-frame, which allows you to optimally use the interframe space, to the mount on the handlebar, which allows you to quickly quench your thirst, even if it is a handlebar from a sidecar or motorcycle or any other pipe. And there is an adapter adapter that allows you to attach any flask frame mount to the saddle rails directly under the saddle.

The mounts presented in our online store, by their variety and design solutions, will help to optimally emphasize your style and personality.