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How to choose grips or handlebars?

Grips and wraps are special products designed to protect the cyclist's hands from the unpleasant effects of the handlebars, and they also increase the contact between the handlebars and the cyclist's hands.

How to choose grips or handlebars?

Grips and tapes are what helps you to feel confident in your handlebars. The store offers different types and colors — you can always choose them to match your bike. In addition, they perform a number of other functions.

The damping of residual vibrations that remain after the shock absorber fork works, if there is one, of course, falls on the grips, because if they fail, all this will directly affect your bones and joints. But vibration disease is insidious in that its manifestations will not be visible immediately, but will appear after a long influence of vibrations on your body.

Therefore, choose the grips correctly and correctly, pay attention to the ergonomic handlebars. To prevent the grips from «driving» on the steering wheel, choose them with a lock. In this section there are not only things that give comfort, but also lift the mood for you and your child: propellers, colored ribbons. After all, you need to take care not only of bodily health, but also of mental health. And by raising the mood of those around you, you raise it for yourself.


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