How to choose fenders for a bike?

Bicycle mudguards are mechanical devices designed to protect the bike and cyclist from dirt and road particles that fly off the wheels.

How to choose fenders for a bike?

Fenders are always a necessary accessory for both the pilot and the cyclist, and especially if you have to get into rainy weather on the way. To prevent mud and water from splashing fountains, fenders on the front and rear wheels will be very useful to you. If your occupation is speed, and you do not need fenders all the time, or your bike does not have a special mount, then you can use quick-release fenders. If you are looking to tackle the problem of splashing, fixed fenders will permanently protect you and your luggage from the whims of the weather.

If you want the protection to extend not only to you, but also to your handsome man, then install the wing separately or together with the front wing on the frame. If you are the lucky owner of a two-suspension bike, then in the store you can choose a fender with a seatpost mount.

Sometimes you want everything to be stable and the wing does not rush from side to side. Then pay attention to the aluminum fenders. We have in stock sets of fenders for wheels with a diameter of 20", 24", 26", 28", 16-20", 20-24", 24-26", 26-28", 26-27.5", 26-29", 28-29", 24-28".

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