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How to choose a flasher and headlight for a bike?

A set of lighting devices is designed to mark the cyclist on the road and illuminate the section of the path in front of him during the ride. This kit includes a front white light (headlight) and a rear red light (flasher). 

How to choose a light kit?
When choosing a light for yourself, you need to remember that you are a participant in the movement (be it a street or a road), so you need to clearly identify yourself. Drivers sometimes do not notice a dark cyclist, but they always react to a strange thing with parking lights. The light also helps to warn pedestrians about your approach if you have to share the same lane with them.

If night driving is not typical for you, then you can take unpretentious flashing lights that will help you identify yourself even at dusk on a poorly lit street. If you are used to driving at night and, possibly, over rough terrain, then take yourself a light that allows you to react in time to a sudden obstacle. If you need to go on a night road, remember that a motorist can always switch to dipped beam, and you hardly want to create an emergency and blind those driving towards.

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