How to choose a bicycle pump?

When buying a bicycle, you must immediately purchase a pump for it. After all, this accessory will come to the rescue in a variety of unforeseen incidents with your vehicle, since flat tires will not take you anywhere.

In addition, deflated or slightly deflated bicycle cameras are the most prone to penetration. And in a situation when the road on such transport is planned to be distant, then it is better not even to leave without a pump.

So, pumps can be both stationary and mobile, but at the moment the most popular type of pump is one that can be attached to the bike frame.

Although stationary pumps will be more comfortable while inflating the tire. But you can't take him on the road. In turn, mobile pumps are also divided into field or miniature (pocket) pumps. In addition, innovative bicycle pump models are already equipped with a pressure gauge.

If we talk about the pump head, then in most cases it is standard. And those nipples that were previously used for bicycles are now almost nowhere to be found.

Also the most important of the characteristics of a bicycle pump is its maximum allowable pressure. Conventional pumps almost always have 6 or 8 atmospheres, which will be quite enough for recreational or mountain bike transport, but for a road bike it would be better to choose a pump that will be equipped with higher such indicators.

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