How to choose a rim for your bike?

The rim is the part of the wheel that creates its basic outer dimension and maintains the rigidity of the tube and tire.

How to choose a rim?

On the path of the bike, there are various bumps, holes, curbs, stones that make you face the problem of buying new rims. The rims are different depending on what you want to take from them and, accordingly, what to give.

The simplest and cheapest model is a single rim. It is simple and unpretentious. Rims are available in iron and aluminum. Iron has few advantages other than a very low price and high wear resistance when rim brakes are working. But there is still one nuance — this is the correction of the rim bent into three nodes.

The single steel rim, due to its large weight and, accordingly, a large margin of safety, will forgive you significant distortions and corrections. Therefore, if you are just starting your extreme cycling career and you do not have rich sponsors, take reliable iron rims. But if you already know exactly the direction of your cycling and the desire for speed, distance or height has overcome the first mistakes of youth, then you better choose lightweight and reliable aluminum rims.

In case of your mistake, an aluminum rim, and they are even among professionals, will take the whole blow and save your body from significant overloads, however, after that you will need to say goodbye to it. Rims are available in double, triple and multi-section. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. When choosing, carefully study what they were originally positioned for. After all, what is suitable for a road bike will not always help an off-road vehicle and a mountain driver. Pay particular attention to the brake compatibility of the rim with your bike. Rims are matched to the wheel diameter — 20 ", 24", 26 ", 27.5", 28 ", 29"; by nipple type — AV or FV; type of brake — disc or rim; the number of spoke holes — 32 or 36. Do not forget that when installing a new rim, you must definitely use a rim tape (flipper).

List of the most famous bicycle rim manufacturers in the world:

  • Alex Rims
  • Dartmoor
  • DT Swiss
  • Firestone
  • Mach1
  • Mavic
  • Remerx
  • Sun Ringle
  • Weinmann

In our catalog of goods you can buy a rim for a bicycle from these manufacturers.

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