How to choose a bike saddle?

Many believe that choosing a saddle for a bicycle is an extremely simple procedure. However, when faced with this in practice, a large number of additional questions arise.

So buying a saddle for a bicycle is not an easy trip to the store and choosing the model you like. It should be clearly understood that the saddle must be selected depending on the riding style.

In this case, it is necessary to highlight such types of skiing as walking, cycling, hiking and mountain skiing.

Each type of riding has its own saddle. If you are going for a bike ride as a regular walk, then regular wide bike saddles are perfect for you.

You don't have to be picky here, but choose a gel-filled saddle that is best at eliminating vibration.

Keep in mind that if the saddle is uncomfortable, then in this case, you most likely will not be able to fix this problem with other methods. Therefore, be very careful when purchasing a saddle.

If you are going to ride in groups, then in this case the saddles should be much stiffer compared to the walking models. So if you have sporting goals for yourself, then your saddles need to be stiffer.

On a soft saddle, your workouts will be a real torment. Soft saddles can interfere with blood flow, etc. So buy stiff saddles and use cycling clothing.

Also consider touring saddles that fall somewhere between sporty and comfortable. In this case, select saddle widths.

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