How to choose a bike handlebar bag?

The steering wheel bag is a textile product designed to carry things in a visually controlled space with attachment to the steering elements. 

How to choose a steering wheel bag? 

Your love of travel and picnics is limited by the luggage capacity of your bike. You can expand them with the handlebar bag. Some models can also serve as a refrigerator, satisfying your love for ice cream in the summer heat. The bag can also protect your delicate photo and other equipment from adverse temperatures. If the camera is your inseparable friend always and everywhere, then a protected box with a bicycle handlebar mount will help you quickly and easily prepare your equipment for shooting. If your plans are not so ambitious and boil down to using a navigator with a large screen, a steering wheel case is more suitable for you. And if you just do not have enough pockets in your bike pants, then take a purse-bag and a small case for mobile on the steering wheel.

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