How to choose Velo Warmers for legs and arms?

Cycling insulation includes items of equipment that supplement or improve the thermal insulation of the cyclist's body during movement, protect the elbows and knees from the cold. Basically, they are represented by leggings and sleeves. Warmers for hands and feet should be used when it is still hot during the day and cool in the morning and evening. They are easy to remove and do not take up much space in your bag.


How to choose foot warmers?
Leg warmers are a great way to keep your feet warm from ankle to thigh without unduly restraining leg movements. This is especially important if you need to travel for a very long time in cool weather. The gaiters are made of fabric that wicks moisture away from the body and thus reduces the accumulation of sweat. Depending on the time of the year, you can choose thinner sleeves and gaiters or more dense: thermal sleeves or thermal insulation.


How to choose sleeves?
Arm warmers are a great addition to your cycling jersey during the cold season, so you don't have to completely change your gear and carry extra clothes on long trips. The sleeve also protects your hands from scratches in the event of a fall.

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