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How to choose cycling gloves?

It is one of the most essential cycling accessories to protect the cyclist's hands from slipping on the handlebars, vibration, impact on joints, hypothermia and other minor injuries from a fall.
How to choose cycling gloves?
The choice of cycling gloves should be based on your riding characteristics. For those who like to ride in the warmth, fingerless gloves with a mesh base are suitable to reduce slipping of the hands when sweating. If you mainly ride in the off-season, then fabric cycling gloves with long fingers will suit you. For harsh winter trips, warm cycling gloves are invented. If you ride on roads with a more or less even surface, then cycling gloves with moderate palm protection in the form of soft inserts are suitable for you. This will give you tighter steering control and a stronger grip, which is very important when driving at high speeds.

If you are a supporter of driving on natural terrain, then it is better to take models with thicker pads in the palm of your hand, which represent protection from the vibration of the steering wheel in your hands on a larger scale. Fans of night riding should choose cycling gloves with good reflective properties in order to be able to make the person behind you understand the nature of your maneuver even in low light.

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