How to choose a mirror for your bike?

Bicycle mirrors are optical devices that allow the cyclist to see the environment behind the bike without turning their head back.

How to choose a mirror for a bike?

When you rush over road bumps, sometimes there is a desire to look back and see what has already been passed, or what is approaching from behind. But it is not always possible to take your eyes off the road, especially if it is an unpredictable city street or an ever-changing mountain trail. In this case, a rear-view mirror will help solve the problem of horizons (or with a good setup and driving backwards, it can be a front-view mirror).

Do you like to carry everything with you and always control who is behind you? Then you need a helmet mounted rearview mirror. With a simple manipulation, he can be made to help you look around the corner. If you are a supporter of the rule «set it up and forget it, then the best solution would be a mirror on the steering wheel.» For convenience, there are universal mounts that help people with both right and left leading eyes feel comfortable and confident behind the wheel. There is a two-in-one solution that allows you to see those in the back, but also those in the back, to see you. These are mirrors with flashing lights. If your child is just starting to master two-wheeled technology, then a mirror for a child's bicycle should be an excellent companion to develop his attention and learn the rules of safe riding.


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