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How to choose a women's bike?

The physique of a woman is significantly different from that of a man, therefore a two-wheeled vehicle must be purchased based on the characteristics of a girl's constitution. How to choose a women's bike?

Basic characteristics

Lightness, elegance, comfort — these are the traits a real women's bicycle should have. To make a unit really suitable for girls, manufacturers reduce the distance between the steering wheel and the seat, replace metal parts with aluminum ones, make soft, wide saddles.

In addition, ladies' models are usually equipped with special pedals, additional accessories (trunks, baskets), decorating vehicles with an attractive design.

Terms of Use

What is the device bought for? Where will the girl ride? It will be difficult to choose a women's bike without knowing the answers to these questions, because there are several different types, each of which is designed for specific purposes.

City walk. Here, the minimum number of speeds, a soft seat, foot brakes, fenders, and sometimes a trunk are acceptable. A simple and comfortable women's bike that requires almost no maintenance.

High-speed driving. If a girl prefers a fast race on perfectly flat asphalt, rather than quiet cycling, then you should choose a women's road bike, the equipment of which is entirely aimed at achieving high speeds.

Mountain extreme. This transport is almost devoid of any femininity, because its main features are minimalism and reliability. They ride on these mountains, so they are made durable, all unnecessary is removed.

Tourism. The device, which is always equipped with luggage racks, wide wheels. Suitable for traveling on rough terrain with backpacks and other things.

There is nothing more important than the frame

Regardless of the type of two-wheeled vehicle, you need to look at the frame. It should be light enough, such as aluminum, but the shape of the frame must also be considered. If the top tube is too low, then the girl will be able to ride in a dress.

Before buying, it is better to familiarize yourself with a special table showing the optimal ratio of frame length to a person's height, but choosing a women's bike can be easier: the frame height should be slightly lower than the cyclist's belt.

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