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What accessories should I buy for my mountain bike?

The problem of equipping a two-wheeled «horse» becomes apparent already at the stage of its acquisition. After all, the mountain bike comes without accessories and tools. So what is the first thing to buy?
Recommended list
Rear marker light. It doesn't matter what it looks like or what the batteries are. The main thing is to ensure the visibility of the rider in the dark.
• A set of patches, glue and mounting blades for repairing cameras. If the rubber is installed in the traditional way, then you will need such a «first aid kit». An extremely useful set.
Pump with two types of nozzles: for bicycles and auto nipples. Better if a device with a pressure gauge.
• The chain must be lubricated. Do not experiment with low quality analogs. They pollute the links and are unable to perform the desired functions.
This is what the minimum mountain bike kit looks like. It is quite suitable to go for a drive immediately without experiencing any problems.
What else is worth buying?
Front lamp with battery. It is optimal to choose a model with a high-quality diffuser and a long battery life.
On-board computer. For a beginner, the device will be interesting as a mileage measurement. In fact, the odometer function can be used to determine the distance of the chain, the stars and to carry out timely maintenance.
Quick-attach saddle bag. You can put all the necessary things in it when going for a walk.
• At least one spare bike tube. You always need to carry it with you, because tires are afraid of punctures, and it is not always comfortable to make repairs by the side of the road. Usually, patching is done at home.

Such items can always be purchased for a bicycle. It is worth approaching the matter rationally and carefully.

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