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Buying a bike helpful tips

With warm days approaching, residents have more reasons to buy a bicycle. Eco-friendly and mobile transport allows you to get to the right point on the map at the right time and not worry about traffic jams.

In addition, cycling has a positive effect on the body, making it healthier and making a person more resilient. In general, you need to buy a two-wheeled friend, but which «horse» to choose from all the variety on the market?

There are quite a few types of bicycles, and before making a decision, you should decide how and where it will be used.

Mountain bikes are perfect for trips through city parks and trails in suburban forests, for leisurely trips along asphalt streets — road bikes, and to increase the mobility of an individual citizen, if necessary, to constantly move around the city — folding bicycles.

Road, track and other sports types of bicycles will not be considered in this article, because they are not suitable for riding on public roads and dirt roads, and they are quite expensive.

Let's start with mountain bikes, or, as they are also called, mountain bikes. This type of bicycle has become widespread due to its versatility and a very affordable price tag. Such bicycles are suitable for walking in squares and parks, and for commuting to work, and for cycling.

When shopping for a mountain bike, buyers should pay attention to the two-triangle frame design and make sure there is no rear shock absorber.

The unusual shape of the frame on an inexpensive bike clearly indicates its fragility, as well as the presence of the rear suspension indicates that the shock absorber is installed solely for decorative purposes and does not perform its functions. The number of gears does not play a special role — the main thing is that they should be there at all, and the front suspension fork will not be superfluous either.

Road bikes differ from mountain bikes in that they lack gears and, in most cases, have a rigid front fork. They are not suitable for conquering the slopes of hills and overcoming rough terrain, but on public roads it is very pleasant to ride them due to the wide and soft saddle.

They are usually used for trips on quite ordinary things — for bread to the store, to the post office for newspapers or to work, provided that the terrain is relatively flat.

In addition, road bikes attract much less attention from bicycle thieves, who often estimate the value of a two-wheeled horse solely by the presence of gears and catchy appearance.

Folding bicycles are a kind of a compromise between getting around the city by public transport and cycling. The relatively small size of this vehicle allows you to fold it down to the size of a travel bag and take it with you on a trolleybus.

Thus, the owner of a folding bike can overcome part of the intended path on his purchase, and then transfer to the regular bus and continue the journey. Yes, such bicycles are not suitable for hiking, but you can very much ride it around the city or park.

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