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The benefits and features of cycling?

Regular cycling is recommended for cardiovascular health and exercise. A large number of people have been able to solve various health problems through exercise.

The benefits of cycling:

— Improving the work of all organs. When riding in the fresh air, a person's lungs begin to work hard. As a result of this process, the blood is enriched with oxygen, which is supplied to all cells and organs.

— During pedaling, an increased contraction of the heart muscle occurs. The heart is trained and strengthened.

— Cycling helps to increase the blood circulation, which helps to cope with varicose veins. Many people use training data to prevent this disease.

— During regular travel, a person relaxes and is distracted from problems. This helps to cope with various problems in the nervous system and increase stress resistance.

This type of training is available to almost anyone, starting from the age of 6. Cycling can take place in the open air, in case of bad weather, it can be replaced with an exercise bike. For exercise, it is better to choose hilly terrain, which will increase the load and improve the result.

Before riding, you need to make sure the bike saddle is positioned correctly. To do this, you need to stand near the vehicle at full height. The saddle on a suitable bike reaches the top of the thigh. During the ride, the legs must be extended to their full length.

Cycling is a safe sport that suits even people with various medical conditions. During the first trips, you should not immediately carry out heavy loads, especially if a person is completely undeveloped physically. One lesson should not exceed 1 hour of calm driving. The optimal time for training is 30 minutes; it is performed 3 times a week.

Before each trip, do not forget to carry out a mandatory warm-up. Otherwise, the person may experience pain and stretch. Warming up can be quite simple.

When doing outdoor activities, you need to think about your own safety. If cycling takes place on busy city roads, you should follow all traffic rules and wear bright clothes. When driving on dirt and mountain tracks, the use of a helmet is considered mandatory.

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