Bicycles for rent

Bicycle rental is one of the options. Our company is ready to provide you with a choice of bicycles of various modifications and price groups that you can rent, for any period. Indeed, why wait, collecting money to buy a bike, if you are already able to rent it? Unfortunately, not every resident of a large city decides to buy a bicycle, since there is simply no free space for it. Cramped apartments are not designed to accommodate two-wheeled vehicles. Come to us and rent a bike. You don't have to think about repairs, planned maintenance, buying spare parts and other problems that sooner or later have to be solved. Buying a bicycle from our company, you do not participate in some kind of lottery, getting a «pig in a poke». Any option you like can be tested by driving it along the city streets, that is, having thoroughly tried it on yourself. Is the presented model something you don't like? Then try something else, a compromise. That is why the sale of bicycles is not only a transfer of money and a vehicle from hand to hand, but also care for the client, which means that the purchased bike is as convenient as possible for him. By contacting us through the feedback form, you can buy or rent for a certain time any bike that is currently available in our park.

Contact us, we are glad to any form of mutually beneficial cooperation!

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