Bicycle repair - for those who love and can work with mechanisms

On the territory of our country, bicycle repair has just begun to emerge. Unlike other business options, repairing bicycles requires little start-up capital and small monthly cash outflows. You will be able to work flexibly and only have minimal skills in bike maintenance and repair. As you can see, this business has a lot of positive aspects.

To get started, you will need your own warehouse or other non-residential premises. It is desirable that it is located between the central part of the city and its outskirts. Among other things, you will need a quality toolbox. In order to speed up the repair process and increase your profit, it is worth organizing a wholesale channel for the purchase of spare parts required in daily work. Do not forget about the provision of services to a tire workshop. Unfortunately, bicycle repair is a seasonal business. Current operating expenses and rental fees can be covered by the provision of a monthly bicycle storage service.

In order to promote this business, you will need an Internet resource to post a price list for your services on it. Distribute ads in places with a large crowd of young people. Business cards should be ordered and left at sports stores. An excellent advertisement for your business would be to promote your services in cyclist communities and social networks, as well as on city local forums.

Whenever someone needs to replace a bicycle chain or repair a punctured wheel, your business can help a person in need, and you can get quite decent cash.

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