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Tips for using e-bikes

Since then, as electric bicycles began to appear in our country and gain momentum in their popularity, not so much time has passed.

However, people are increasingly inclined to believe that although this transport cannot completely and completely replace a car, in some cases it becomes an excellent alternative.
Electric bicycles are mainly divided into two types: the first are made with the help of a simple modification of an ordinary bicycle, the second are the products of companies that initially make exactly electric bicycles.
Converted into an electric bike, of course, is in many ways inferior in beauty to its «brother», but its cost is much lower. Alteration, if carried out by a person who is more or less versed in technology, will take very little time. To do this, you just need to install special equipment on the bike.
Usually, a motor and a battery pack that has a charger is attached to the rear wheel of the bike. Also, a control unit is installed on the bike, and a «throttle stick» on the handlebars. If you sit longer, you can design a more complex structure, including various gearboxes, transmissions, etc. However, this is at your own discretion.
You can choose from two types yourself, based on your own tastes and financial capabilities. In fact, ease of movement is inherent in both types of e-bikes, the main thing is just to remember a few simple rules.
Don't be lazy to pedal.
Of course, you may not do this (an electric bike is able to carry you on its own), but with your help, transport can reach a much higher speed, and the energy consumption will be minimal. Among other things, this will increase the distance that you will travel before the next battery recharge.
You can also save energy on the road. When driving down steep slopes and small hills, release the throttle — so you simply turn off the battery and continue riding on a regular bike, and the battery «rests». After all, when you drive up the mountain, your transport «rescues» you, allowing you not to put in huge efforts — give it a respite.

This is the main advantage of an electric bike — it makes your cycling comfortable and enjoyable.

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