Created a two-wheeled bicycle for medical workers

Wunderman Thompson Paris, with the support of Ecox, created the Emergency Bike. The two-wheeled vehicle is designed for medical personnel. It is logical, where a big car cannot squeeze, a bicycle can squeeze.

Some information about Emergency Bike. So. Electric bike with double battery. It features an insulated medication box, integrated GPS tracker, LED lighting, aluminum frame, puncture-resistant large tires and USB connection.

The bike is designed in a blue and white style and has reflective stripes on the wheels. Stylish transport can come in handy during a pandemic. Naturally, when a lot of people, instead of buses, give priority to a taxi or their car. There is a significant risk of getting a large number of traffic jams, especially in megacities.

A medical aid car can also get into a traffic jam. Doctors can lose valuable time due to congestion of cars. Emergency Bikes are designed for just such situations. The bike is narrow, which means that the doctor has a chance to bypass the traffic jam and provide timely medical assistance to the injured person.

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