Trial bicycles

Trial bikes are designed for professionals in this area. Anyone can buy such a bike, but it is completely unsuitable for ordinary quiet driving around the city. A lightweight and maximally reinforced frame, reliable brakes and relatively small wheels set this bike apart from other riding styles. Models intended for trial are needed to overcome artificial obstacles in any competition or improvised tracks, which are sometimes difficult to pass without a bicycle.

Trial bicycles are not purchased every day, but they are in demand no worse than other extreme models. In most cases, such bicycles are bought by people who have long decided on the choice of riding style and are well aware of which model they need. Sometimes newbies come for trial models and don't want to look at city bikes. Beginners are advised to start small and not look at those who have been skating in this style for several years and doing complex tricks. It goes without saying that everyone, without exception, is recommended to wear full protection, even those who have been riding in trial style for several years.

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