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What to wear on a mountain bike in summer?

The problem of choosing equipment is especially acute for novice riders. Therefore, it is worth approaching the choice of goods with all responsibility.
Full set
Jersey with long and short sleeves. This is a type of T-shirt with a comfortable cut for riding in the mountains. Body protection can be worn both on top and under the thing.
Shorts or breeches with reinforcement and ventilation. They are made of lightweight yet durable material.
• Light saddle pad on the head. The item is also called a comforter. It effectively removes moisture from the skin, making it more hygienic.
• The windbreaker is useful for riding in the mountains. It is better to choose the lightest types, it is not even necessary that the thing be made of membrane fabric.
• Special summer thermal socks. They are moderately dense, support the muscles of the foot, and prevent the skin from sweating.
Shoe covers are needed only for training on flat surfaces. Off-road, they quickly break and become unusable.
Gloves with long and short fingers. It is advisable to take two pairs at once to cover all needs. It must be remembered that such accessories, first of all, perform a protective function, and only then give comfort.
Having this list, you can safely go on any path. Happy skiing!

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