Bicycles are an alternative to car collapse in Ukraine

Bicycles are incredibly popular all over the world. Today there is not a single country in which the population does not drive these vehicles. A large number of road transport, constant traffic jams forced the population of large cities to switch to bicycles. In addition, the constant rise in the price of gasoline or diesel fuel has a significant impact on the decision of millions. And if for the inhabitants of Southeast Asia, this is simply the most affordable means of transportation, then for the inhabitants of Europe the bicycle has long been something more, it is prestige. It is incredibly fashionable to have an athletic figure and good health, to be always in a good mood. In the jungle of a modern metropolis, where everyone is under stress and suffers either from lack of time or money, a person who can enjoy life is always perceived as successful, people are drawn to him, they envy him, they want to take an example from him. This is the secret of the popularity of fitness centers, bike rental, roller skates. Cycling is a great way to recharge your body.
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