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BMX bicycles

Currently, manufacturers of bicycle equipment produce and develop many new, very comfortable sports bicycles for different types of riding. BMX bicycles are extremely relevant among modern youth.

These bicycles are designed for spectacular riding in street, flat, flight and other styles. In other words, BMX bikes are very convenient not only to ride, but also to jump. These models of sports bicycles have a special design, which makes it easy to perform grandiose stunts and jumps, and successfully overcome various obstacles. For example, on a BMX bike, you can slide down a stair rail or jump onto a bench with amazing grace.

BMX bikes are easy to distinguish from other sports models by their characteristic external features. These bikes have small wheels, about 20 inches in diameter, a very low frame and a low seat. There are models that do not have a saddle at all. These bicycles are extremely maneuverable due to their compact size.

The handlebars in BMX bicycles are solid welded steel construction — this is the main part of the bike responsible for handling. Due to the fact that all sorts of tricks are performed on such bicycles, jumps, which give a rather large load on the wheels, the wheels of these bicycles are made of a durable metal alloy, the spoke system is made in the shape of the sun. It is also important to consider that depending on the riding style, for a significant reduction in weight, some BMX bicycles do not have brakes installed. When deciding to buy a BMX bike, you should know that the choice of a bike here depends on your riding style.

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