A bike for a kid. How to choose a bike for a child?

Do you think that choosing a bike for a child is painfully simple and that everyone can cope with this purchase?

But will the child be comfortable learning to ride and will he not become a prerequisite for everyday bumps and abrasions? But not everyone thinks about it. Let's look at some tips that will help you make the right choice. How to choose a bike for a child:

1. Tires. As practice shows, a small stone or branch can easily lead to a fall, because the wheels are very narrow. Accordingly, this moment must certainly be taken into account when buying. The balanced version is inflatable tires, which will just be wider, and besides, they will well compensate for shaking on a dirt road and various bumps.

2. Placement of pedals. Many bikes have them on the front wheel, which is not a good option. The only difference between these models is their cost. If you want to choose a good big baby, give preference to models in which the pedals are under the seat with the transmission of the chain to the rear wheel, in principle, as on adults. This will make it possible to use not only leg strength, but also weight when riding. Of course, it's also easier to ride like this, which means it's more enjoyable and much more fun.

3.«idling». This is another disadvantage for bicycles with pedals on the front wheel. In principle, you can forget about idling here, which can be unsafe when driving down a hill, even a small one. As the bike accelerates, the pedals will turn faster and faster, and the baby may lose control over the controls and fall. Therefore, your choice is great, on which you can, at any moment, finish pedaling and ride on with ease.

4. Brake. When choosing a big baby, first think about its safety, which almost in everything depends specifically on the brakes. Of course, the handbrake is inferior to the foot brake in almost everything. Even the fact that babies almost always lack the effort to fully use them. Well, you can quickly get confused.

5. Steering wheel. Pay attention to its shape. If the child has to stretch too much when cornering, this can make the ride more dangerous.

6. Sitting. Naturally, it should be comfortable, otherwise how can you get pleasure from a bike ride? By the way, if you didn’t find the answer to the question of how a child can lose weight, you have already found it. Long bike rides are very effective here. You know, it's easy to choose the right baby, but you can hardly do without his presence. Therefore, if you are going to make such a purchase, definitely take your baby and go shopping together.

P. S. This applied to three-wheeled bikes. But if you want to save time and money, then you can purchase a model that can transform from a three-wheeled to a two-wheeled.

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