How to choose a bicycle camera for a bike?

A bicycle tube is a toroidal rubber shell filled with air or other gas with a check valve that lets the filler in and out. The main function of the camera on a bicycle is to smooth out irregularities in the road surface and absorb minor shocks.

How to choose a camera?
Let's start with the smallest thing — baby carriages, because they have wheels, and, accordingly, cameras too. Baby strollers mainly have chambers with a diameter of 7, 8, 10, 12 inches. They are available with straight and curved nipples. The first protrudes from the wheel the least and does not create unnecessary problems during maneuvers, but at the same time it is easiest to pump it using a pump with a remote hose. This makes it easier to pump chambers with a curved nipple with a compact hoseless pump.
All chambers for strollers have a car valve, so they can be easily inflated with the most common pumps. Then there are cameras for teenagers and large bicycles. They differ not only in diameter, but also in the type of nipples. There is a common car nipple, and for double and more rims, special high nipples are invented. For bicycles that are operated on the highway, where high pressure in the chambers is required, a Presta type nipple is used.

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