Cycling benefits for men and women

In this case, the answer is simple: from the very beginning of evolution, the human body was adapted to an active way of life. Today, modern man, unfortunately, is too passive. The maximum is dancing in a disco in a drunken stupor. All this gradually leads to the fact that he gets sick, constantly heals, drinks handfuls of pills, constantly complains about his health. In general, cycling has become quite fashionable lately. It is often possible to find whole well-organized groups of cyclists who make daily trips along the planned routes. Some young couples who want to maintain their figures in good physical condition are not far behind them. Yes, of course, cycling now is fashionable, stylish and quite modern! Cycling is becoming very popular all over the world: buying, selling, and renting bicycles is becoming more common, and there are more and more people who regularly ride them. By the way, the cost of standard bicycles designed for urban driving is gradually decreasing. Of course, this is due to high competition among manufacturers, as well as a considerable pace of production.
The benefits of bicycles are clear. 
Firstly, as we have already found out, they are quite affordable. In addition, bike rental is a service that you can use at any time, for example, by contacting us for help. 
Secondly, the maintenance of a two-wheeled non-motorized vehicle is quite cheap for its owner. The necessary repairs usually do not take up a lot of money, and even a child can do it, since there is nothing complicated about it.
Thirdly, you will not spend your budget on buying fuel, undergoing technical inspections, etc. By the way, in order to drive a bike, there is no need to take a license, but this does not mean that you do not need to know basic rules!
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