How to choose a derailleur for a bike - front and rear?

A derailleur is a device that allows you to change the gear ratio in a bicycle's gearbox.

How do I choose a switch?

Switches — aka campagnoles and guitars — are what are an integral part of a modern bicycle (unless, of course, it is on a planetary hub or some other specialized one).

Your cycle life set will help you understand the variety of these devices. There are dedicated road bike compensated cut-off and quick-change derailleurs. And the same tough, reliable, tough and durable mountain bike derailleurs. But there are also simple, inexpensive models for people inclined to all types of cycling, but without much fanaticism.

Regardless of the brand or specialization of the companion, there are always times when the derailleur rollers need to be replaced. And in this case, you do not need to wait for the final collapse of the rollers and the complete disabling of the rear derailleur, this will save your pocket from unnecessary expenses, and body parts from unnecessary injuries.

In our section of derailleurs you can choose a front and rear derailleur for a bicycle, accessories for them, as well as derailleurs by the number of speeds: 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 6/7, 7/8, 2x8, 2x9, 2x10, 2x11, 3x8 / 7, 3x9, 3x10.

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